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Site Cleans

Land Clearing for Site Preparation

Land leveller for commercial and residential purposes

3B Earthmoving provides professional land clearing and levelling services for commercial and residential construction projects, including landscaping, retaining walls, and basements. Owner-operator Shaun Gardner began his career in the earthmoving industry when his father took him under his wing. Now, with more than 20 years’ experience, Shaun runs one of the best earthmoving companies in Perth.

Land levelling is the foundation for building and landscaping projects. It needs to be carried out in accordance with architects’ plans so that it provides a stable base from which the rest of the project can grow. Land clearing services not only covers the excavation and removal of soil and debris, but it also includes removal of old building rubble, vegetation clearance, and grading land at the correct slope for optimum drainage and stability. Land that is levelled at the incorrect gradient can cause water to run into the structure, damaging property, and weakening foundations. This poses an obvious threat to the safety of the people within the building.

Projects that require the services of a professional land leveller:

Drainage for wet soil

Good drainage is essential to keep your building’s foundation stable and to prevent water from leaking and pooling in the building. Earthmoving contractors can help with site preparation, digging the trenches, levelling the land, and tamping the soil for optimum drainage. For example, we level the land at the correct gradient, so the slope carries water away from the structure. We can also bring in soil to balance the density and drainage potential.

Levelling steep slopes

There are several reasons to level a sloping garden. You may want to create one flat space that is great for playing games and entertaining guests. You might want to create a couple of terraces to give your backyard some flow. Whatever your reason, you will need earthmoving equipment to excavate the area and remove the soil. You may need to get new topsoil, which will need to be levelled.

3B Earthmoving can also help prepare the site for retaining walls to shore up the newly levelled soil. Complete the contact form to get more information.


Basements need to be carefully dug out according to architects’ plans to provide the correct level of stability, as well as a level ground space. Thanks to 3B Earthmoving’s equipment and Shaun Gardner’s expertise, we excavate basements to the strict safety regulations outlined in state legislature.

From site preparation for commercial construction and residential landscaping projects to excavating basements and clearing vegetation to level land, 3B Earthmoving has the equipment and experience necessary to meet exacting standards. Call Shaun on 0409105397 or complete the contact form to find out more about our quality services that have earned us a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction.