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Soil Removal & Sand Deliveries

3B Earthmoving Soil Removals

Get rid of soil quickly and responsibly

There are a number of reasons you may need soil removal services; for example, you could have had your garden newly landscaped, you could have put in a new pool, or you could have added an extension to your home. These are good reasons to call 3B Earthmoving to haul excess soil away. Unfortunately, there are also less pleasant reasons; for example, the soil on your property could have become contaminated either as a result of sewage seepage or the leaching of chemicals from industrial processes (including mining and agriculture) in the area.

3B Earthmoving provides professional soil hauling services in and around Perth. Owner-operator Shaun Gardner has been in the earthmoving excavation and soil disposal business for over 20 years. In that time, he has earned a formidable reputation for honesty, transparency, reliability, quality, and customer satisfaction. So, if you need to dispose of excess soil, call Shaun on 0409105397 to discuss the scale of the operation.

Circumstances requiring soil haulage


Excavated soil from commercial and residential construction projects needs to be promptly removed. Failure to remove piles of excess soil can be construed as illegal dumping. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Authority), individual landowners can be fined up to $60,000 for allowing waste to remain on their property. Corporations can be fined up to $120,000.

Landscaping soil

You’ve created the garden of your dreams, but you’ve probably got a lot of extra soil piled up outside your property. Rather than let it stand there and become a safety risk for the community, call Shaun and arrange to have it removed.

Urban infill

Urban infill is urban regeneration or renewal. Essentially, buyers see the potential in existing but neglected properties and take the opportunity to knock it all down and start from scratch. The process usually requires demolition (and rubble removal), as well as soil excavation and, in some cases, soil delivery. 3B Earthmoving provides sand delivery and soil removal services, taking care of all your soil haulage needs.

Whatever the circumstances, if you’re wondering how to get rid of soil, 3B Earthmoving has a solution that will work for you. No matter what the size of the project, contact Shaun to find out more about our professional earthmoving, sand delivery, and soil hauling services.

Call 0409105397 or complete the contact form on the website.