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Perth Earthwork Contractors

Homeowners, Commercial and Residential Builders

If you’re looking for earthmoving services in Perth, you need look no further. 3B Earthmoving provides a full range of earthworks services for construction projects of all sizes, from small-scale residential jobs to bigger commercial operations. The company is headed by Shaun Gardner who learnt the ropes from his father. Now, more than 20 years later, Shaun has built a successful business enterprise that is known for its quality cost-effective service, as well as its dependability and high level of customer satisfaction.

Shaun works with Bobcat earthworking machinery, so the brand’s reputation combined with Shaun’s expertise assures clients that their project will be completed to exacting industry standards. Call 3B Earthmoving on 0409105397 or complete the contact form to discuss the nature and scale of the job you require.

Bulk earthworks

Typically, clients hire Shaun to carry out several jobs on various construction sites. For instance, when hired for a landscaping job, we can clear the land of vegetation and debris and then remove a layer of topsoil to the depth required. We can then level the land and deliver fresh topsoil or gravel to complete a foundation for a new lawn, flower beds, or retaining walls. By offering bulk earthworks services like this, you are gifted with one point of contact that can take care of almost all the foundation steps in the project. This means you save time and money.

We also aim to recycle and reuse as much material as possible, so if the soil we remove is reasonably good and debris-free, we may reuse it to help level the land, or, if there is some debris, we can use it as backfill for retaining walls. This saves disposal costs and reduces the project’s impact on the environment.

What types of services can you expect?

• Site preparation for construction

We clear, excavate, and prepare sites for various construction purposes; for example, landscape and road excavation, driveway preparation, and preparing the ground for the concrete slab foundation. Land clearing requires the removal of all obstacles and detritus. This means we have to clear all vegetation, excavate any rocks, remove all rubble and debris, and make sure we get rid of any muck. Sometimes we have to clear the land to quite a depth, so we may have to haul in new soil or crushed gravel to lay a stable base for the next development/construction step.

• Trench digging

We dig trenches at commercial, and residential projects for drainage and sewage pipes, and utility lines, including telecoms and electrical services. Trenches are also dug around established house foundations and filled with gravel and other material to stabilise the foundations and stop them from expanding and contracting to a significant degree in hot and cold weather. This shifts the house and can cause cracks in the walls.

• Detailed excavation

Detailed excavation requires precision work as digging needs to be done in tricky spaces and around critical systems, such as water pipes. Compact Bobcat machinery is tailor-made for this kind of work and Shaun’s experience, and skill at the helm of these vehicles instils confidence in 3B Earthmoving’s service.

• Removing or laying lawn

Removing or laying lawn is never as simple as it seems. It doesn’t matter whether you’re removing old lawn so you can lay new turf, or so you can instal artificial turf, or do away with turf altogether and go with gravel and paving stones. You need to remove enough soil to get rid of all roots, runners, and weeds. Topsoil stripping is necessary when the soil’s quality has faded over the years, and you need fresh fertile soil to breathe life into a new lawn and healthy flower beds. New soil needs to be properly levelled so that your newly laid grass is even and divot-free.

• Slope stabilisation

Sloped land in public parks or residential gardens may need to be stabilised to prevent erosion and even landslides (a major safety concern). Two of the most popular and effective stabilisation methods are terraces and retaining walls. We can prepare the land for either option. This may require excavation, levelling, and backfilling; tasks for which we are eminently qualified.


As far as earthworks contractors go, owner-operated 3B Earthmoving holds its own amongst some of the larger contractors. In fact, the personal touch that accompanies professional services is one of the things that make 3B Earthmoving stand out.

If you’ve got a project, you need to get off the ground, whether commercial, residential or homeowners, call Shaun on 0409105397 or complete the contact form on the website to discuss which package of services is right for you.