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Earth moving and Bobcat Hire

Top quality first time, every time

Look no further than 3B Earthmoving for any residential or commercial project that requires excavation and soil removal. Thanks to owner Shaun Gardener’s extensive experience in the industry, 3B Earthmoving has earned a reputation for being one of the best excavation companies in Perth. The company’s good standing is based on Shaun’s cost-efficient approach, which ensures that jobs are completed on time and in budget. Furthermore, 3B Earthmoving is completely transparent about all operations. Combined with quality work, all of this leads naturally to customer satisfaction.

Shaun began his induction into earthmoving as a youngster, when his father taught him the ropes. Now, with over 20 years under his belt, Shaun is well-placed to provide good value and top quality service on industrial and residential excavation sites.

The range of excavation services includes:

• Site cleans
• Block clearing
• Yard clean-up
• Lawn removal
• Driveway removal and preparation
• Paving preparation
• House pad preparation
• Pool soil removal
• Retaining wall preparation
• Sand and soil deliveries

Additional services are available.  Talk to Shaun about your needs by calling 0409105397 or complete the contact form below.

Who needs earthmoving or soil removal services?

  • Construction Projects

Most construction projects begin with excavation. Soil needs to be removed so that foundations can be laid and retaining walls put in. When an existing site has to be demolished, all of the waste and rubble has to be taken away. Whatever excavation your construction site needs, contact 3B Earthmoving to find the right solution for you.

  • Residential construction , renovation or landscaping

3B Earthmoving can help you with a range of excavation services throughout the construction of residential projects. For example, we can assist with soil removal for septic systems, ponds and pools, and storm drains, as well as concrete removal and stabilising roads. We also deliver soil when necessary.

As an owner-operated excavation company, 3B Earthmoving provides excellent professional service with a personal feel. Find out how we can help you. Call Shaun on 0409105397 for a free, no obligation quote.

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