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Residential Services

3B Earthmoving provides specialist residential services

Many large-scale earthmoving companies that use heavy machinery and equipment don’t cater to the average home owner’s needs. 3B Earthmoving believes that the relatively small-scale needs of private residents are equally deserving of the same level of attention, commitment, and quality service. We use compact Bobcat machinery, which enables us to easily navigate small project sites, providing precision work for a range of jobs.

All you have to do is contact us to book our Bobcat equipment and operator package, and we’ll take the first steps that will ultimately lay the foundation for your dream home, garden, and pool, and even prepare the road for a brand new driveway.

Call us if you need:

Yard clean up

Perhaps you want to scrap your entire yard and replace it with a perfectly landscaped garden of Eden. We can clear your land, starting with lawn removal and vegetation clearance and ending with the delivery and levelling of new topsoil.

Perhaps you’re about to move into a new home, but the garden is a mess of towering weeds, evil thorns, and sticky burrs, with a smattering of rocks and building rubble in between. We can come in with our complete dirt and debris removal service, so you can finally see your land in the raw and envision what it will look like once your landscaping team has given it a fresh, modern makeover.


Most of our services overlap several needs. For example, landscaping excavation and yard clean up both require lawn removal, dirt and debris removal, soil and sand deliveries, and land levelling. Our machinery is compact enough to work on small properties and small-scale landscaping projects and robust enough to work on much larger landscaping projects; for example, clearing and preparing sites for residential parks and gardens. We follow plans laid out by architects and professional landscapers and work to pinpoint accuracy.

Simply call 0409105397 to book the services of our Bobcat operator and machinery.

House pad preparation

You’ve bought a plot of land and are going to build your new house. You need a solid foundation, and a solid foundation starts with the preparation for a house pad or slab. 3B Earthmoving’s service includes removing vegetation and topsoil to the correct depth, and, if necessary, delivering sand and gravel to ensure the soil is the right density to provide optimum stability and drainage. Once the surface has been tamped, we also fill in more soil so that the ground is level.

Driveway excavation and paving preparation

You’ve had a leak in the water pipes that happen to run beneath your driveway. Plumbers lifted the pavers necessary to repair the pipes and replaced them as best they could. But now the driveway is uneven, and it’s getting worse, so you decide to redo the whole thing. Owner-operator Shaun Gardner can come along with the appropriate Bobcat and begin removing pavers.

Once all the pavers have been lifted, Shaun will begin the driveway excavation part of the project, removing the top layer of sand to the depth required and levelling the surface for professional pavers to set the new slabs.

Pool excavation

There’s really only one solution to hot summers, and that is a swimming pool. You may only have enough yard space for a splash pool, or you may be lucky enough to fit a 20m pool in your garden. Whatever the size, our compact earthmoving machinery can come in and remove the turf and sand up to the required depth for your new pool.

Fill in the contact form on our website to find out more about pool digs and excavations.

Retaining wall preparation

Retaining walls are used in a lot of landscaping projects, particularly those on sloped land. The first step for 3B Earthmoving in these projects is landscape excavation. We’ll dig a trench deep and wide enough to provide a strong base for your retaining wall’s height. We can remove the excess soil and deliver gravel to be used as the base material and as backfill for each row of blocks.
Block clearing

3B Earthmoving also offers block clearing services. This covers more extensive areas than residential plots and could include new parkland or a new residential estate. Once again our excavation and clearance capabilities come to the fore with soil, sand, vegetation, and debris removal for water pipelines and utility lines.

If you have any earthworks or earthmoving projects that aren’t covered above, give Shaun a call on 0409105397 and discuss your needs. He has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, and with his accumulated knowledge and expertise he will almost certainly devise a solution to help you.

Through commitment and dedication to customer service, 3B Earthmoving has earned a reputation as one of the best earthmoving companies in Perth. Our services and service packages offer great value-for-money, and we pride ourselves on delivering projects on time and within budget. Business operations are entirely transparent, and a lot of our customer satisfaction can be attributed to our honest and trustworthy business practices.

Contact us to find out how 3B Earthmoving can help you.